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Rack & Pinion locomotive RP 250 at the Kaunertal power supply

Rack & Pinion locomotive RP 250

The Kaunertal power station was built in 1961 and consists among others of the storage basin Gepatsch holding 168 million m³ and the power plant Prutz with an annual output of 661 GWh.

In order to achieve these values it ​​was essential to build a new pressure shaft. This new pressure shaft has a length of 1430 m and a gradient of 60% (31°). It was advanced to a diameter of 5.5m with a tunnel boring machine (TBM) and reinforced with concrete tubbing.

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Insert a EMZ 60 the project "Linthal 2015"

The gear cat EMZ 60 of inTrak in use at project Linthal 2015

If you deal with modern hydroelectric power plants, there is no way to pass the mega-project "Linthal 2015". The Linth-Limmern power plants (KLL) are indisputably belong to those, which are superlative. This hydropower plants are equal in power with nuclear reactors, such as those in Leibstadt. Due to the difference in height of about 600m, the power plant will reach a capacity of 1480MW. Thus, the power supply in the Northeast and Central Switzerland is ensured.

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Friction Drive - Fürst Leopold

This is a great day for our association and for the city of Dorsten "- so Gerhard Schute opened as chairman of the association for mining, industrial and social history Dorsten the event for the official commissioning of the friction wheel drive in the machine hall of Fürst Leopold. After thanking all sponsors, parties and above all, the NRW Foundation, which had made possible with a grant of almost 120,000 € in fulfilling the ambitious project "Dynamics of the steam engine", the words were put into action.

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