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Lifting beam

Lifting beam

Monorail-mounted lifting beams are a proven way of transport, which had their origins at the underground mining industry. They allow independent transport of materials and debris in narrow and overcrowded working environment. Lifting beams are available in many kinds and options. As a simple Universal-lifting beam for transporting of small containers and material trays, or as special versions for steep inclines.

The payload of such lifting beams can range from 8t to 32t, or even more. By thus, the transportation of large containers with debris, or other bulky good is possible.

Lifting beams are moved at the Monorails by various drive units. This can be a powerful Battery driven Monorial-locomotive that goes for several kilometers during an entire shift, or even a simple shunting trolley which deals with trailing cables, busbar or a diesel engine in the tunnel.

Lifting beams can be used with different energy sources. Usual are hydraulic, electric or pneumatic sources. In general lifting beams are designed robust and simple to ensure very high reliability at a minimum level of maintenance. This design has its origins in mining applications where extremely high efficiency and reliability are essential to meet the high productivity standards.

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